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My Take on Zadarma

If the world was perfect, all telephone operators would work through VoIP and allow to make free calls between operators, because VoIP does not need a separate cable infrastructure or powerful servers. In my opinion Zadarma is one of a few examples of what VoIP telephony should really be. Why do I think so? Here’s a short list of Zadarma‘s pros:

  • huge list of countries with provision of phone numbers (including code 800);
  • free numbers with extension dialing if you don’t want to connect you phone number to get incoming calls;
  • free calls between all Zadarma subscribers through 6-digit numbers;
  • free full-fledged virtual cloud PBX for 50 subscribers;
  • free widgets for website for browser calls or callback.

And it has more. Yes, perhaps this service is not the best fit for large companies as there are special and really expensive solutions available for them. And as far as smaller companies are concerned, Zadarma is an excellent solution for establishing telephony. Now lets check its features one by one.